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Holistic consulting services for CIO-areas

CIOs are faced with a dilemma: they have to master the complex challenge of being able to accomplish two conflicting goals with one IT.

Goal 1: Services provided in a commodity service environment that make up the bulk of business, such as e-mail, ERP or desktop services, must remain consistently stable and cost-effective, while enhancing productivity every year. Standardization, automation and evaluation of scale effects are a must.

Goal 2: However, these do nothing to drive a company’s innovative capacity. Enhancing innovation requires solution approaches that enable the development of business models that are consistently cutting edge and doing so in a time of increasingly shorter innovation cycles. Fast time-to-market, as well as agility and flexibility are among the new demands that pose significant challenges for IT departments that have expanded along a more traditional course. In addition to stability and continuity, the IT of the future will also have to be flexible and agile. These features can be managed through so-called “bimodal IT”, also referred to as “2-speed IT”.

m3 management consulting supports CIOs from all different industries and fields, whether in solving strategic issues or in design and implementation matters.

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Flipper - Ralf Schlicht (EN)

Ralf Schlicht


Partner with more than 20 years of experience in consulting for international customers in the utilities industry, e.g. consulting primarily on realizing complex, IT service delivery transformation projects

Flipper - Ulrich Redmann (EN)

Ulrich Redmann


Partner with about 20 years of experience in the sector of business technology consulting for international customers in the utilities and telecommunication industry. Core areas are processes, applications and solution architectures