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Fundamental changes in the market environment mean companies are faced with the challenge of adapting their business and functional strategies, while securing and expanding their market position through innovative business models, products and services. Potential triggers behind these types of changes are a variety of trends and developments:

  • New or rising customer expectations for the products and services a company offers.
  • Establishment of new technologies that lead to considerable shifts in the existing value chains.
  • Entry of new, more agile competitors whose innovative products and services challenge the existing market conditions.
  • Changes in general regulatory requirements that have a significant impact on present company development.

m3 management consulting accompanies you in the design, modification and realization of your business and functional strategies. In addition, we also help you optimize your product and service development by, for example, helping you establish cross-functional innovation management.

With our expertise in the utilities, telecommunications and IT industries, our service spectrum specifically includes the following fields.

Consulting Services Strategy & Innovation
  • Strategy development and implementation (e.g. digitization, portfolio, retail and go-to-market strategies)
  • Design of new business models and customer solutions
  • Innovation management
  • Feasibility studies and business cases
  • Creation of a customer experience and value proposition


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Flipper - Michael Ertel (EN)

Michael Ertel


Partner with long-term management consulting experience in the utilities industry and specializing in business sector development, sales, portfolio and risk management virtual power plants and electromobility

Flipper - Jan-Emanuel Brandt (EN)

Jan-Emanuel Brandt


Partner with long-term experience in all phases of value creation in the utilities industry. Attorney holding qualifications in EEX trading, economic mediation, coaching and interim management

Flipper - Michael Kandel (EN)

Michael Kandel


Partner with long-term experience in international strategy, sourcing and change management projects in the utilities and telecommunications industries