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Due to new digital business models, disruptive technologies or incalculable events, markets and customer needs are changing continuously. This not only leads to a transformation of existing industry structures, but is also closely linked to a change in values in society. In companies, this development becomes tangible in a changed understanding of work, among other things:

  • Companies are challenged to rethink their business models, increase their innovative power and bring new products to market faster.
  • The way collaboration is organized to add value, customers are served and cooperation with partners is changing fundamentally.
  • Organizations are developing network structures for co-creation with customers and competitors, forming self-organized and autonomous teams with distributed leadership roles, and establishing agile working methods.

In order to meet these and other developments, many areas or decision-makers in organizations are already intensively dealing with future forms of collaboration. The m3 team advises and accompanies you on this exciting path and enables you to realize the goals of the transformation through a stringent operationalization of strategies. In doing so, we offer you in particular:

  • A comprehensive and long-standing experience in process and organization projects.
  • A proven methodology toolbox for optimizing organizations and processes.
  • Qualitative and quantitative benchmarks and KPIs.
  • Experienced coaches and interim managers.

Our Services

In addition, our team has extensive expertise in the practical application of proven and new tools and methods. Used in a targeted manner, these promote the efficiency of processes and contribute significantly to the further development of the organization. The service spectrum of m3 includes the following topics:

Development of the Operational and Organizational Structure
  • Execution of maturity analyses of the organization and central processes, value stream mapping
  • Conducting gap analyses based on best practices and market-relevant benchmarks
  • Development of the organizational target picture
  • Implementation of classic, hybrid or agile organizational forms
  • Process modeling and process optimization based on state-of-the-art methods
Delivery & Sourcing
Agile Change Management

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