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Sustainable solutions for Organizational & Operational excellence

Changes in business strategy result in the need to adapt organizations, business models and processes. Ensuring a stringent operationalization of the functional strategies is crucial. Effectiveness for the customer and efficiency of the processes are fundamental parameters that must be provided.

m3 offers an established, modular methodology for optimizing your organization and processes. Our ability to design structural organizations that suit the company, optimize process-oriented organizations and then manage them using consistent target systems are competences we have already had the opportunity to prove repeatedly among our customers.  

With our expertise in the utilities, telecommunications and IT industries, our service spectrum specifically includes the following fields.
Consulting Services Organizational & Operational Excellence
  • Optimization of processes and organization
  • Organization and process benchmarking
  • Restructuring, outsourcing and founding
  • Performance analysis and enhancement
  • Management systems (KPI systems, planning, incentive systems, reporting)

In addition to methods for optimizing organizations and processes, m3 also has the know-how required to permanently transform and verify the value-adding phases of business processes.

Furthermore, m3 has an in-depth understanding of how to use new technologies. When used properly, they promote process efficiency and make a considerable contribution to the advancement of organizations.


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Flipper - Alexander Littwin (EN)

Alexander Littwin


Partner with long-term consulting and industry experience in the utilities industry, specializing in smart metering, smart grid, digitalization and reorganization

Flipper - Michael Kandel (EN)

Michael Kandel


Partner with long-term experience in international strategy, sourcing and change management projects in the utilities and telecommunications industries

Flipper - Michael Martenka (EN)

Michael Martenka

Senior Manager

Senior Manager with long-term experience in realizing and managing strategy projects in the utilities industry. Areas of expertise include the gas industry, implementing of regulation requirements, procurement and sales